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Thursday, November 10, 2005

You are the cake of my endeavour, and my jelly roll forever;
My tapioca tartlet, my lemon custard pie;
You're my candied fruit and spices, my juicy citron slices;
You're the darling, sugar-sprinkled apple dumpling of my eye!

John Bennet

Happy 48-month anniversary*, boo - you are sweeter than apple pie!

*Jishnu and I engaged in much contentious debate concerning the validity of month-anniverseries over these years so I take especial joy in this announcement - you can guess what side of the fight I was on.
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Monday, November 07, 2005


When Jishnu, Crystal, Grant and I set out for the Apple Hills on Saturday, we had a master plan: we were going to zip from farm to farm and acquire freshly-picked-by-ourselves apples at Denver Dan's, fudge at the Honey Bear Ranch, some Sangiovese wine at Jodar Winery, and finally, at the end of our travels, finish with buying vast quantities of apple cider doughnuts. We were in love with the plan - we had made maps and directions all based on our beautiful plan. I had even fantisized about sitting in bed with my cider doughnuts and reading Mr. Strange and Johnathon Norell.

So of course, we came home with $53.22 of jams, vinegar, corn and bumbleberry syrup (Crystal and Grant wents nuts over the bumbleberry and emerged from Denver Dan's with bumbleberry syrup, bumbleberry jam, and a bumbleberry pie) and $28 of apple crisps and pies. No apples, fudge, wine, or cider doughnuts were bought, much to the plan's dismay.

We had a grand time - one of the greatest things about the day was meeting the very tall, very sweet owner of Denver Dan's who gave us about five hundred different types of jams, syrups, apples, and vinegars to sample and to crown it all, a giant piece of apple crisp with ice cream. Tragically, he is a diabetic and is surrounded by mounds of sugar and people moaning orgasmically over the sugar he is dispensing out to them. He is the sugar equivalent of being thirsty while stranded on a raft in the middle of the ocean.

We finished the day with an impromptu dinner party - Crystal and Grant dashed home and picked up Harry Potter, the most adorable labrador puppy alive, and the fixings for oreo milkshakes and Jishnu and I began making herbed goat cheese rounds which we finished with Crystal's help as the puppies romped around. Grant supervised their antics while I laughed uncontrollably and tried to take a million pictures all at once. Dinner was so delightful and simple - we ended up sitting at the table for hours telling stories.

We ended the night with milkshakes and Super Mario Kart as the two monkeys fought for the dominion of the sofa.

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Random Thoughts

I haven't been able to think of a complete topic to write about for a while and the longer it's been since I've posted, the more I feel that I should actually say something so instead I think I will do the 101 things meme which will be equivalent to saying a whole lot of nothings all at once.

1. Random was the favorite adjective of choice for my friends in high school - we shoehorned it into every possible place an adjective could go in sentences on all sorts of random (hee!) subjects.
2. We were fairly odd. In our defense, this natural tendency was probably helped along quite a bit by the fact that it was a school so small, I took all my classes from 8-12 grades with the same 14 people.
3. In high school, we all sat in the same damn seats in every single classroom for all four years.
4. Scarily enough, those seating charts are all still implanted firmly (in a way O-Chem never was) in my memory.
5. In a serious blow to my baking pride, I really didn't like the pizza dough that I made from scratch.
6. I liked the frozen-for-who-knows-how-long and then accidently left soaking in a pot of water for hours TJ pizza dough more than my own.
7. I'm going to try a new recipe this weekend and hope for the best.
8. Otherwise, you might want to buy stock in Trader Joes because Jishnu and I are addicted to making pizza. We have all of our movements down perfectly in our pizza dance and are able to swoop around the kitchen completely efficiently.
9. In marked contrast to when we try out new recipes and spend the evening scrambling around the kitchen, muttering the directions and imprecations in equal measure, and occasionally bumping into each other.
10. The chef at the cooking school we attended over the summer told us we should always say "Hot behind" while carrying volataile ingredients.
11. While we shout this out frequently while cooking, we never manage to do say it while actually holding hot things.
12. Our glee in bad puns is long-lived. It lives much beyond rhyme or reason.
13. I feel like I am in grave danger of over-anthropomorphizing Baloo. (Hah! Did you really think I'd manage to get through a post without him?) Halfway through a walk, I stopped in shock because I looked at his feet and my mind freaked out and shrieked "NO, I didn't put his shoes on before we left! Bad mother!)
14. I think the only saving grace is the fact that I recognize the insanity of this.
15. I looked up the spelling of anthropomorphize.
16. Last month Jishnu read Jonathon Strange and Mr. Norell. It's the only book that he's read in all the years we've known each other (four years on Nov 9th!) that I haven't read before him. While he was reading it, I tortured him by calling it Jonathon Norell and Mr. Strange (as he tends to mess up the names/titles of things I am reading and it drives me batty); now that he's done reading it, I'm torturing him by reading it at the pace of melting glaciers.
17. I'm stuck in a boring part of it and it's hard to lug myself out.
18. I should though because he desperately wants to discuss all his theories about the book and has no one to talk about it with.
19. Jishnu is much much much better than me at figuring out plot twists.
20. I am any author's dream reader because I accept all narrators implicitly, never question red herrings (or even identify them as such) and simply coast along plot-wise. I save my neurotic scanning of the text for the way in which the words are written.
21. Since I usually read books I like more than once, I have the second reading to concentrate on the mechanics of the plot.
22. It gives me a thrill every time Jishnu outwits an author.
23. Why can I not finish reading A Breath of Snow and Ashes? Why must Diana Gabaldon torture me so? There are too many BAD things that happen in this book to people I love. I can't even look at the book without wanting to throw pointy things at it.
23. Why can I never think of a graceful way to end a post?
24. Does that sentence count as one?

remaining 101 items to be completed soon....