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Wednesday, September 21, 2005


I am sitting in bed eating a beautiful ice-cream cone, with a new novel next to me and Baloo snuffling at my feet - what more could I ask for? (well, possibly Jishnu, but as he is presently working out and I am not, he is aiding my sense of contentment in his own way)

Jishnu has lured me away from my very infrequently updated livejournal to blogspot with the siren lure of ease-of-posting-pictures feature. If we ever find our camera, I will be able to document Baloo and his odd ways. I'm going to try to write every day in an effort to promote writerly discipline - which after a summer of productivity has fallen prey to too much outside work (but, as it is work that pays, there is a silver lining). As I told Mike on his blog, I will be like a modern-day Samuel Pepys!

Today, we took Baloo to lunch with us at Sam's. Jishnu and I are addicted to their schwarma - it is a work of art in the way it balances textures and colours and flavors; the speckled brown pita holding together layers of creamy white yogurt sauce, espresso colored meat, grass-green cucumbers and the flame coloured splashes of hot sauce. The waitress at Sam's is very sweet and always goes into raptures over Baloo and doesn't bat an eye when he begins to eat mountains of ice. Sadly for my ears, Baloo has inherited Jishnu's love of ice crunching. The lunch and our ramble through the park afterwards was a bright spot between bouts of teaching.
I had meant to talk about Baloo's first meeting with his friend, Harry Potter, the most adorable and happy yellow labrador puppy alive, but I'll wait until I have the pictures from their summit.

One last note of contentment - Jishnu is now lying next to me in bed - eating a French vanilla (which apparently is not a geographical indicator) ice cream cone and reading To Say Nothing of the Dog. A few years ago, he would never have been caught eating french vanilla ice cream or reading for fun - hopefully, I'll learn better habits from him as well and you'll see him bragging on his blog about my regular exercise habits.


Blogger yenemy said...

Pshaw... a true schwarma is bought from a rickety cart with greasy trays, on a street in downtown Dhahran. And, they only cost about 50 cents.

Now those... those are schwarmas for which I would happily flaunt those pesky U.S. State Department travel advisories.

Actually, no. Sam's is good.

10:34 AM  

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